Fuel Economy Activator

Fuel Economy Activator - Magnetic Fuel Booster - Best Fuel Saving DevicesWhen the fuel passes through a magnetic activator under the influence of a concentrated multipolar magnetic field, active dispersion and hegonomization of the fuel occur. Molecules of fuel for a while turn into cations (cathodes). There is a complete combustion of fuel. due to which the amount of exhaust gases is significantly reduced. This device allows you to save from 10-40% of fuel, reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, prolongs the service life of the engine. increases calorific value and fuel efficiency ratio. The magnetic field inside the gap of the magnetic activator is 20,000 Gauss, while there is no magnetic field on the outer surface of the Fuel Activator. Does not require special tools and skills. Contact Us For Latest Priceoffice@nanofiltersolutions.com Phone: +7-977-807-0973Advantages:- reducing the consumption of any fuel up to 30%, depending on the condition of the engine and the quality of the initial fuel to be filled;- complete cleaning of the cylinder-piston group of any used motor from soot, slag and coke soot;- preventing the formation of soot, carbon deposits on valves, injectors, piston rings, cylinder walls, spark plugs;- improving the environmental friendliness of the car, by reducing the emission of harmful substances;- increase the service life of the spark plugs;- increase the service life of automobile engines;- reducing the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere (CO up to 70%, CH up to 50%) to Euro-5 Eurostandards- easy start of the internal combustion engine in cold and winter periods;- reduction of noise and vibrations, smoothness and acceleration in the operation of the internal combustion engine- Extends engine life up to 20%.Purpose and scope:Due to fuel economy, you can drive a distance of 25% more. The magnetic activator pays for itself within a few months as a result of reduced fuel consumption and improved engine performance. It can be used on any heat engines, on cars with gasoline and diesel engines; in motoblocks on motorcycles and mopeds, on motorboats and boats, in boiler rooms and even in gas stoves and boilers.The activator is installed in less than 15 minutes.The activator does not remove the car from the warranty.Device and principle of operationThe main element of the activator is a multipolar U-shaped magnetic element with five cylindrical magnets that create a counter-parallel magnetic field. The magnetic element is installed in a housing made of D-16T alloy. The magnets themselves are an alloy of rare earth metals with high coercive force, which ensures the stability of the magnetic properties of the system for an unlimited time.The fuel passing through the device changes its physical properties, as a result of which the calorific value of the fuel increases due to obtaining a finely dispersed structure, which burns more fully in the combustion chamber, improving and improving engine performance.Installation and operation rulesMagnetic activators are simple in design and are installed on the fuel hose as close as possible to the combustion chamber. They do not require additional maintenance and additional consumables for an unlimited period of operation. The simplicity of the design of the magnetic activator with the external placement of the magnets allows you to install it on the fuel line without disassembling it, strengthening the clamps. Further care is not required. Security measuresIt has a strong magnetic field; this field is limited to the body and partially absent outside it. In order to avoid mechanical injury during maintenance, it is necessary to use non-magnetic devices and with particular care to remove the magnetic system from the housing. It is not recommended to bring electronic devices, watches and magnetic storage media (credit cards, disk drives, audio and video tapes) to the magnetic system. Heating of the magnetic element above 130 ° C is not allowed.The fuel activator is already in use and is proving to be effective in reducing fuel costs.The greatest effect of the magnetic activator of fuel is observed at long distances tractors, dump trucks, tractors, dump trucks.Magnetic Fuel Saver At Best Price, Best Fuel Saving Devices, Fuel Saving Device Price , Magnetic Fuel Activators , Vehicle Magnetic Fuel Saver, Fuel Savers That Really Work , Fuel Economy Booster Price in United States United Kingdom Canada Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Oman Spain Australia Russia India Sweden South Africa Mexico Indonesia Brazil Argentina Iran Iraq Malaysia Denmark

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