Water Filter for Artificial Snow From Well , Ground, River or Lake Water

Self Cleaning in line Water Filter For Producing and Making of artificial snow from water from river or lake

Equipment for the production of artificial snow: Pollution in water (sand, abrasive, etc.) Leads to damage on the nozzle of snow cannons and to poor quality of snow.

-High quality snow
-High availability of equipment -Extension of service life 
-Low costs


-New Russian technology with Ultra thin micro wire water filtration

-Customized micron from 1-100 upon request

-Vertical Filter all impurities fall to bottom for flushing

-Self cleaning, self flushing of impurities from the filter

-Flushing can be manually or automatic

-Filter Works opposite of competitors: 

Works on a fundamentally new bases. Water goes into the filter around the filter cartridge. Sediments, mechanical impurities etc .. cannot pass inside into the filter cartridge. What is 1 micron or less passes into the filter cartridge and goes out the exit point. the impurities that are around the filter cartridge get flushed out the drain valve that is on the bottom of the water filter.

-Allows to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable operation over time.

-Built in Bio magnetic multi polar water structure with amber and rhinestone crystals for magnetic structured water treatment benefits.

-Filter cartridge will last 10+ years with proper maintenance.

-Filters are Stainless steel food grade, medical grade.

- Reduces costs for heating hot water up to 40% (lack of chemicals. Reagents)

- Reduces of limescale

- Reduces pipe corrosion, as has anti scaling functions

 - Increase the overall system failure-free and increase service life

 - Reduces maintenance and repair costs.

 - High performance with fineness of water, oils and other liquids.

-Work without replaceable cartridges

The self-cleaning mechanism and the "mirror" filter element allow you to effectively clean the filter, guaranteeing its reliable operation over time.

 -Unique properties of the filter element allow you to combine three main types of water treatment: mechanical, bactericidal, sorption

- Sanitary and microbiological water quality is significantly improved.

 - The taste of water improves, it becomes softer, The smell of chlorine disappears.

 - Significantly improves the taste of food and drinks prepared on water after processing with filters and an energy device.

 -Does not require complicated after-sales service, expensive preventive control, additives of chemical reagents and do not consume electricity.

 -Prevention of deposits of hydro carbonates hardness salts on the walls of the pipeline.

- Stops the process of rusting pipes and stopcocks.

-Have minimal weight and size characteristics with high efficiency of use.

Nano water Filter Solution is Here to Provide Advance Nano Silver Particle Technology-Based Water Filters.

# Zero Maintenance
# No Electricity
# 10 Year Guarantee
# Protect Disease 
# Good Health 
# High Energy 
# Good Taste 
# Better Smell
# Scale Prevention

Water filtration can provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine, chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants.

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